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Ahoy! If you can't find the answer you're looking for below, shoot us an email at events@villagevoice.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Is the 4Knots Music Festival really FREE?
Yes! The 4Knots Music Festival is a free, all-ages, all-day event.

Where at the South Street Seaport will the stage be?
The stage is located on Pier 17; check out our Directions page for more details.

What are the hours of the festival?
4Knots Music Festival is on Pier 17 from 1:00pm-8:00pm.

Can I submit my band for consideration to perform at 4Knots?
We bet your band is the next Pavement, but unfortunately, we do not accept unsolicited band submissions and booking inquiries. Please do not send band materials and booking inquiries to The Village Voice offices or to the festival website.

What should I bring with me?
We'd suggest some sunscreen to maintain your sexy glow, water, perhaps a hat, and of course, your cell phone so you can meet up with your friends and post on Twitter and Facebook! Lastly, don't forget your best sing-a-long face and some pirate jokes.

If it rains, will 4Knots still go on as planned?
Yes, 4Knots will happen rain or shine!

I gotta pee where do I go?
There are several public restrooms and portapotties around Pier 17.

Can I videotape the bands?
We know that you've all got your iPhones and your cameras-within-a-shoe contraptions, but videotaping or recording of any kind are not be permitted at the 4Knots Music Festival. Try it and you might just walk the plank.

Can I bring my dog to 4Knots?
Hey, we are doggone dog lovers Pitbulls? Yeah! Chihuahuas? The cutest! Boston Terriers? Get outta here!
...But - we strongly discourage bringing them to the festival. We anticipate Pier 17 being very crowded and probably not the most comfortable or safest spot for your pooch. They'll be raging at home, rest assured!

How do I get VIP access?
If you gotta ask, you'll never know...

Should I pack a lunch or are there places to eat around the South Street Seaport?
We love lunches, especially PB&J and hummus and cookies, so please do bring us some but to answer your question, yes, there are tons of spots to eat around the Seaport!

Will this event be handicap accessible?
Yes, the event is on Pier 17, which is handicap accessible.

What can I expect regarding parking and transportation?
There are a number of parking garages around the South Street Seaport, but we are anticipating a large crowd and recommend using public transit. See our "Directions" page for the best routes!

Are there any items that are not permitted?
Yes, there are a few items that will definitely NOT be allowed at 4Knots:
• Alcohol, Drugs, and Weapons (including fireworks)
• Coolers
• Beach Chairs