Which Tumblr do you check to the point of obsession? Which Kickstarter projects are sucking up all your drinking money? Who's the viral video star that's going to make it in the real world (if you say Rebecca Black, stop reading here).

This December, the Village Voice will host the 2nd annual web awards, because let's face it, we didn't chug enough Four Loko last year. We want you to help us choose the Internet's best, so vote online (where else?!) at www.villagevoice.com/webawards. We can't guarantee that cats won't win another Lifetime Achievement Award, but we can guarantee it'll be a good time

Winners will be announced Wednesday, December 7th on www.villagevoice.com.

Check out our video for the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award to Cats, courtesy of Jeremy Krinsley.

For more information, please contact events@villagevoice.com